How to be a good journalist ?

22 Nov

I am now writing my 34th post and after three months of investigation and redaction on this blog, I think I’ve found one of the main ingredients of a good practice of journalism. Writing articles is not only about finding exclusive information and relaying it while analyzing it at the same time. It is also about finding the good way to transmit this information. So here are my suggestions :

  • Being a good journalist means electing the proper platform that will allow you to attract the greatest number of Internet users that could potentially be interested by your information. As an example, writing a leading article about the financial crisisis on the French website is very likely to have little impact on the readers you wanted to target.
  • Being a good journalist is also being able to use all the networks and platforms available to allow their information to be spread and shared by the greatest number of the Internet users.
  • Being a good journalist also depends on one’s writing skills, of course. But it is not only about being able to make nice and well-ordered sentences it is also about making these sentences clear, short and simple to understand, so that the whole article is comprehensible by everybody.
  • And finally, being a good journalist means being able to catch people’s attention from the very title. Indeed, a catchy title that achieves to define the theme of the article while preserving a logic of mystery and suspense is very likely that attract a lot of readers, even those who would not have been interested by the theme in question in the first hand. Titles must be considered as very strategic tools in a logic of teasing, and interrogations (see my own title for instance) are probably the best way to make people want to read your article.For more advice about the job of a journalist, visit this website or this one or finally this one. Or you can also come and study in my school, the CELSA🙂

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